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Custom Marine Projects


At Morrison Contractors Our motto, “You dream it, and we’ll build it!” is not just another catch phrase. If you have ever wondered where to find carpenters that can build a beautiful Pergola, Gazebo, Arbor, or an authentic Indian Chiki; then look no further than Morrison Builders. We have even built amazing nature trail walks found in many of Broward’s County parks. Perhaps you live in a community that needs to be linked with a real wooden footbridge we can build that too. If your yard is eroding away and you never knew who to call or even what to call it we can build erosion control retaining walls to solve your problems.

Special Marine Construction Projects

Take a look at this gallery of photo ideas and you will see what we mean by “custom”. Many top Architects have used our company to design and build those special signature structures that add to the South Florida outdoor lifestyle. When it comes to specialty wood structures, Morrison Builders should be your first choice.


You can count on Morrison to provide you with a first class one of a kind structure that will be the envy of the neighborhood, and offer an exceptional location for friends and family to gather, spend good times and make memories together.


The BEST construction… The BEST materials… The BEST personnel… Your BEST choice is Morrison Contractors!








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